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Karl Ammann to Receive Dolly Green Award
Genesis Award Nanquet, Los Angeles, April 5th, 1997.

Karl Ammann, prize winning photographer and conservationist, will receive the Dolly Green Award for Artistic Achievement at the 11th annual Genesis Awards banquet being held in Los Angeles on April 5th, 1997. The Ark Trust organization selected Ammann for this award to honor his success in gaining world-wide recognition of the horrible and needless commercial slaughter of thousands of great apes every year in the forests of central Africa.

For nine years Karl Ammann has carried a camera as his sidearm, shooting scenes of chimpanzees and gorillas being butchered for sale as expensive commercial bushmeat. Ammann's reports and documentaries convinced the European Parliament and leaders of over twenty African states to sign a proclamation against the slaughter of apes and caused the government of Cameroon to convene a national conference on the illegal bushmeat trade.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine brought Ammann's story to North America last year, Natural History featured his bushmeat efforts last month, and his photos and reports are being seen with growing frequency on BBC, MNET, CNN, Discovery, and ABC. Thanks to the perseverence and artistry of Karl Ammann, we are finally being made aware of this wildlife calamity.

Congratulations, Karl, on a well earned honor.

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