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About Karl Ammann

Karl Ammann first recognized the scale of the bush meat trade in 1988, while traveling on one of the legendary Zaire River boats. Hunters and fisherman bring their produce to these boats in dug-out canoes. Some of the meat is consumed on the journey, most is stored by on-board traders for resale in the towns. At the end of the journey, Ammann counted some 2000 smoked primate carcasses and about 1000 fresh ones, stored in special bush meat freezers.

Ammann has made several subsequent trips to the region to investigate the bush meat trade, its impact on wildlife in general, and on chimpanzees and gorillas in particular. He discovered a tradition of consuming bush meat, although for many tribal groupings there was a taboo on eating great apes.

For nine years he carried a camera as his sidearm, shooting scenes of chimpanzees and gorillas being butchered for sale as expensive commercial bushmeat. Ammann's reports and documentaries convinced the European Parliament and leaders of over twenty African states to sign a proclamation against the slaughter of apes and caused the government of Cameroon to convene a national conference on the illegal bushmeat trade.

For this work he will receive the Dolly Green Award for Artistic Achievement at the 11th annual Genesis Awards banquet being held in Los Angeles on April 5th, 1997.

His findings and conclusions are startling. Read his press release called Death in the Forest.


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