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Hunting/Bushmeat Bibliography

You are invited to use and contribute to a working bibliography we are developing on hunting and bushmeat commerce in west & central Africa. With over two hundred entries, this already may be the largest organized reference list on such topics. However, it is far from finished. More input is needed to make this a comprehensive tool which can be used to substantiate and direct programs to stop the commercial slaughter of endangered animals for their meat.

This is to be considered in draft form. Future drafts will include annotations, additional references, and new sections. The quality and usefulness of this work will depend in large part on your support. Authors who have done work in areas related to hunting and bushmeat commerce are hereby urged to .

If we have left out or mis-cited something you have done, please . Persons who know of written work on these topics are invited to send us titles and brief annotations describing the materials and how to access them. And anyone with ideas for expanding the topics covered, please let us know your recommendations. This is an open collaborative effort -- every relevant input will be considered and included.

A Working Bibliography on Bushmeat Commerce

Compiled by A. Rose, K. Ammann, J. Linder, & M. Conant
The Biosynergy Institute, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Bibliography Table of Contents

  1. Wildlife Hunting
    1. Theory and Evolution
    2. Hunting Among Non-human Primates
    3. Traditional Hunting Practices
    4. Impact of Hunting on Wildlife

  2. Wildlife Bushmeat Commerce
    1. Bushmeat Sources and Uses
    2. Local Trade in Bushmeat
    3. National Bushmeat Commerce
    4. International Wildlife Trade

  3. The African Bushmeat Crisis
    1. Commercial Bushmeat Industry
    2. Bushmeat Crisis Reports
    3. Bushmeat Action Programmes

  4. Central African Wildlife Conservation
    1. General Texts / Articles
    2. Census, Status, and Plans
    3. Community Based Projects and Principles
    4. Logging Impacts on Wildlife
    5. Wildlife Values / Education

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