June 28, 1999, Reuters; NEW YORK - The first letterhead-style business paper made from pulp that originated in certified, well-managed forests has been produced by Lyons Falls Pulp & Paper Co.

The stationery stock is the first to bear the watermark logo of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international nonprofit organisation that has established the world's most strongly supported standards for sustainable forest management.

We salute Lyons Falls Pulp and Paper Company for this and other environmentally responsible policies and actions. For this they received one of two 1999 Environmental Stewardship Awards from the Council on Economic Priorities.

Support Lyons with your business.

Only those wood and paper products originating in FSC-certified forests can bear the FSC trademark logo in the marketplace.

Lyons Falls offers the FSC watermark in an Office Correspondence package, including a cover weight for business cards, cover stock and various stationery products.

Other than the FSC watermark, Lyons Falls Director of research and development Craig Updike said customers will not notice any difference in the FSC-certified paper.

"The paper is still paper," he said. "The product is mainstream in its colour scheme ... it's what's behind it that is special, and that is the FSC certification."

For consumers, the cost should be about the same as paper already on the market.

Story by Maureen Bavdek, REUTERS NEWS SERVICE

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